New Narrow Neck Bushcare group

By Pip Walsh

In late 2019, before bushfires and COVID, a few mature Pampas Grasses were noted along parts of Glenraphael Drive, which is off Cliff Drive at Narrow Neck, Katoomba.

The sighting was flagged with a friend, who suggested we start up a new Bushcare Group.

As part of our investigation, we realised that we had several small drainage lines where various weeds were flourishing and if we tackled them, we could help protect the Escarpment Complex vegetation and a population of the threatened species Pherosphaera fitzgeraldii (formerly known as Microstrobus fitzgeraldii).

The team at their favourite morning tea spot overlooking Jamison Valley
The team at their favourite morning tea spot overlooking Jamison Valley. L to r: Pip, Lyndal, Andrew, James, Madi and Paul. Photo: BMCC.

Pampas Grass has become a dim memory, and has now been overtaken by our dedicated Holly hunting, as well as a bit of Privet, Cotoneaster, Himalayan Honeysuckle and Ivy hunting for variety. At some stage, we will have to tackle the Montbretia.

Bushcare veterans realise we have years of entertainment ahead. We do have a fair bit of manoeuvring through the bush to get to our weedy targets, but the effort is made worthwhile when we break for morning tea and look out over the valley below and across the southern mountains.

We now have a regular, core team, but since formally becoming part of the Bushcare Program from November 2020, we would be pleased to welcome more members.

We meet on the first Saturday morning of the month.

Contact Pip Walsh pipwalsh (at) or Karen Hising (BMCC Bushcare Officer) khising (at)